System Outline
Server specifications
Terminal specifications

   Packet Caster is a remote-controlled monitor-and-alert system using telemeters set up in the relay stations in remote areas such as in the mountains. Each telemeter focus-monitors how the broadcasting and other equipments within the relay stations are functioning, making use of cellular telephone packet networks for communication. It is an effective real-time and both-directions monitoring system.

   In a case of emergency, the telemeter informs the maintenance personnel by automatically sending an email, allowing a prompt appropriate response. Conventionally, monitoring is carried out through the telephone wire network and maintenance requires personnelfs regular visits. The Packet Caster largely reduces the monitoring and maintenance costs, as well as initial introductory costs, by using the already-existing non-wire network with the suitable charging structure for this system.

   Packet Caster for relay stations is a most contemporary and futuristic remote monitoring system, with high flexibility and maintenance level, meeting the wide range of needs of broadcasting stations which has to function effectively within a very precise time schedule.