Remote monitoring system
Packet Caster

Getting operation status live is a key to a prompt response to a crisis in managing facilities built away from your headquarters. Broadcast relay facilities built up in the mountains Packet Caster is a solution for an effective management of facilities by remote-monitoring them through mobile phones, visualizing and making active use of the vast amount of and new opportunities for further development. Packet Caster is designed to help you improve remote monitoring and controlling of a wide range of broadcasting stations, and lower costs. It was launched in line with DoPa ‘s pioneering presence of mobile packet communications in March 1997 and began development. Beyond the generations of various communication lines, thanks to a variety of industries in development, Packet Caster has been running for a long time. (DoPa is trademarks or registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. in Japan and other countries.)

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Facsimile OCR and communications software

FOCS is an efficient facsimile OCR and communications software, combining the worlds of computers (information processing) and fax (communication) to enable effective processing of your workload.

It is a media transformation system, allowing your fax which is a tool for sending out and receiving information to function more fully as a more comprehensive tool for information management.

We are proud that our FOCS has been introduced in a variety of industry fields, where the better customer service and practical system betterment for effective and efficient communication and implementation are sought in many different ways especially mail-order industries and logistics industries.

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